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What Features to Look While Buying an Espresso Machine ?

We all must have been very confused when we were looking to buy an espresso machine for domestic or commercial purposes. There are a lot of things that affect our decision – the amount of people who will use the machine every day, the budget of machine, size and quality, type of espresso machine besides other different type of functionality of such machines.

The amount of different espresso makers available in the market today can make any go dizzy. You will find hundreds of choices for every different type of espresso machine, different budgets and different set of features available to us. Today, we will try to provide you with few tips on what features you should look out while buying an espresso machine:


Machine Aesthetics

The Espresso machine aesthetics include almost everything from the part where the spout of the machine is situated, the location of the plug, to the color or the material of the exterior is. The quality of the machine and the coffee is as important as to have an understanding of the place where you keep the espresso machine. The location of the plug and the length of the power cord is also important in cases where the machine is required to be refilled more number of times and it would be a safer bet to place the machine farther away from an outlet.

Type of Espresso Machine

The most important thing you should keep in mind is the budget and the type of espresso machine you want to be. Espresso machines are available as Manual, Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic. These decide the amount of work you have to do with the help of machine to create your own espresso shot. Besides, there are different approaches to make an espresso shot. You can use a steam driven, piston driven, pump driven or an air-pump driven. These different mechanisms affect the time and the quality of your espresso shot.

Grinding Capabilities

Most of the high end espresso machines offer you an in-built coffee grinder. A built-in coffee grinder is quite useful for those people want to grind their own coffee beans according to their own taste. Either these machine can grind ground coffee in a store or with some other appliances.

Water Storage

Most of the Espresso machines available today can host water to make upto 8 espresso cups. Some water containers only have a small spout. The water is poured into these spouts with the help of a funnel. It is not much of a problem in machines having bigger spouts. It is very important for the user to know his coffee needs so that he can choose the espresso machine which has a big enough water tank to accommodate his needs. That way, you won’t be required to refill the water tank after every 1-2 uses.


Besides water capacity, you also need to have a good knowledge about the amount of espresso cups you want the machine to deliver every day. A professional espresso maker can handle the strain on it far better than a small domestic espresso maker which can buckle down if overused too much.

Frothing Capabilities

The perfect cup of espresso is not complete until it is covered with a dense layer of rich and creamy milk froth. Therefore, it is necessary of keep an eye for espresso machines having a very good milk frother besides other brewing group parts. The machine should have a big pressure pump attached to it and should allow you to handle the temperature at which espresso will be delivered according to your needs.


You should make sure that you will be able to clean the device thoroughly before the next use. It is required to do so as the leftovers from the previous use can cause stale smell from your cup of espresso. It might make drinking espresso unrenderable to most of us. To do so, make sure most of the parts are easily detachable and can be attached back without much fuss easily.


Most consumers are generally concerned with the size of the machine. They usually want the espresso machine to be tucked away easily after use. It is easily possible to do with some of the compact machines but won’t be a cakewalk for the larger appliances.


Besides the features listed above, there are quite few more features which decide the espresso machine we should buy such as the quality of espresso, how much control we have over our coffee, budget, etc. We hope we are able to solve some of your problems you face while buying an espresso machine.